The name, Hele - an expression conveying action, to move. The logo, an ocean storm - the source of wave energy, surf.

The Hele logo spawned an idea and a concept. From there the concept was transformed into a company and a goal. Hele launched its first product, the surfer-necklace, which helped develop the product philosophy and direction for what Hele products would be moving into the future.

Today Hele is a brand that represents a lifestyle and state of mind that transitions the gap between action sports and fashion. Driven by design and erring on the side of simplicity, our products focus on quality, uniqueness, and originality. Hele designs and manufactures for a dynamic group of individuals that represent a lifestyle, characterized by oceans and mountains, sunshine and healthy living.

We are continually developing new products to meet customer demands, so check with our product section to see what is new.

-Hele on-