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I love my necklace so much; I love that I can wear it swimming or to play sports and it doesn't get in the way or get ruined. Plus I live in Utah and no one really has them, so it makes me the cool kid. I think my necklace is perfect.

My girlfriend loved it. I liked the pouch and the history attached.
- Alex

I love the Tahitian black pearl necklace. I found out about it from Surf mag. I thought they were cool, so I asked for one for Christmas.

My girl loved the necklace- she's been wearing it in the surf too, and it's been holding up real nicely. You guys were a real lifesaver- I had no idea what to get her and then an ad for your site popped up while I was checking some random surf websites. Keep up the good work.

I love my necklace. I think its perfect for me, simple but pretty. I got the Motu necklace in black. It's really sturdy. I've worn it in Costa Rica backpacking, whitewater rafting and kayaking, diving and, of course surfing, and I never worried about it falling off. Thanks for the great necklace. Next time I'll order the Motu in natural if mine ever wears out :).

I was searching the web for some surfer jewelry, and found Hele. The necklace worked out, thanks

Really happy with the product.
-Doc Drew

The necklace is awesome. I see her wearing it everyday. Thank you so much for the great product.

I really do like the necklace since it's nice and simple and comfortable to wear.

I have had numerous compliments on the Hele surf necklace.

I've been very happy with it....thank you.

The two I bought for my girlfriend and Mom, as well as the one for me were and are absolute hits!

The necklace is brilliant, my girlfriend is very jealous. Cheers again for the necklace.

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